Nov 2022

In conjunction with Transgender Awareness Week and Transgender Day of Remembrance, we collaborated with TransBefrienders to raise awareness on gender dysphoria and mental health issues within the transgender and gender-diverse community in Singapore.



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Campaign summary

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Art exhibition

Our exhibition focused on gender dysphoria and its effects on those who suffer from it. We showcased artworks that touch on this subject by 8 local trans and gender-diverse artists, and many of the works were created specifically for this exhibition.

The exhibition also featured a fictional story about an individual’s journey through gender dysphoria and gender euphoria, as well as a video screening of interviews we did on this topic.

The exhibition ran from 11–20 Nov at Projector X: Picturehouse and featured these artists: Aki Hassan, Andy Winter, Benedict Lim, Marla Bendini, Naaliyah Noor Daneen, Sida Chu, Stephanie Dogfoot, and Worms Wav.

Fun fact: the exhibition space was an old, unused cinema hall, and we designed the exhibition to make use of the light boxes that lined the hall. Many of the artworks were specifically designed and fitted to tie in to the vibes of a movie theatre!

Video interview

We interviewed 3 transgender and non-binary individuals about their experiences with gender dysphoria and gender euphoria.

We also spoke to Dr Jeremiah, who offered their insights into the medical aspects of gender dysphoria, different treatment options, and myths and misunderstandings surrounding gender-affirming healthcare.

Partnership with Kim Choo

We collaborated with Kim Choo Kueh Chang to help raise funds for TransBefrienders.

Limited edition trans-flag coloured Wa Ko Kuehs and special trans-flag coloured ondeh-ondeh workshops were sold to raise funds. We raised close to $2k through these initiatives.

Collectible cards

We designed and printed 6 collectible cards that featured the artworks of some of our artists. These cards were distributed at F&B outlets to help promote the campaign and exhibition.

The cards were distributed at: Dorothy’s Bar, GudSht, The Fabulous Baker Boy, The Projector, and SMOL.

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Photo credit: Studio 1914

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Video: Conversing Genders

Our team

✌️ Koh Zhi Kai ✌️

(he / him)

Project Lead

Kai spearheads Rainbow Families. He also runs kai.classified, a commercial content creation service.

✌️ Teo Yu Sheng ✌️

(he / him)

Design & Operations

Yu Sheng is the founder of Heckin’ Unicorn, a local queer brand that gives back to the community.

✌️ Adzlynn Fizra ✌️

(she / her)

Exhibition Designer

Adzlynn is a filmmaker and freelance art director. She runs Studio 1914, a purpose-driven production company.

✌️ Mieke Song ✌️

(they / them)

Exhibition & Programming

Mieke is a visual artist and arts manager who hopes to platform more queer art in Singapore.

Our partners

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