Rainbow Families is a pride collective that advocates for the love and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people in Singapore through events, exhibitions, and online content.

Past campaigns

Our core team

✌️ Koh Zhi Kai ✌️

(he / him)

Project Lead

Kai spearheads Rainbow Families. He also runs kai.classified, a commercial content creation service.

✌️ Teo Yu Sheng ✌️

(he / him)

Design & Operations

Yu Sheng is the founder of Heckin’ Unicorn, a local queer brand that gives back to the community.

✌️ Toh Xing Jie ✌️

(he / him)

Principal Photographer

XJ is a commercial concept photographer and the founder of Ugly Carrot Studio, a hybrid creative agency.

✌️ Kyle Malinda-White ✌️

(he / him)

Public Relations

Kyle Malinda-White has spent the last few years in the LGBTQ+ community-building scene.

✌️ Adzlynn Fizra ✌️

(she / her)

Exhibition Designer

Adzlynn is a filmmaker and freelance art director. She runs Studio 1914, a purpose-driven production company.

✌️ Mieke Song ✌️

(they / them)

Exhibition & Programming

Mieke is a visual artist and arts manager who hopes to platform more queer art in Singapore.